I am a customer from the EU, why do I have to pay VAT?

If you are a customer from the EU (outside of the Netherlands), you can be exempted from dutch VAT (Intra-Community Supply) if you provide us your valid EU VAT number . Please login to your account and enter your EU VAT number under "Account" > "Account Information" > "Tax/VAT number", then click on "save". Your EU VAT number will be validated instantly on the server of the European Commission Database for VAT numbers. Please note that the server may be busy. In that case, please try again later.

We can only make an Intra-Community Supply if your tax number can be validated.

It is possible that your tax number is not (yet) listed in the European Commission Database for VAT numbers yet. In that case please contact the tax authority of your country.

Pour les acheteurs français, veuillez lire l'article suivant sur l'obtention d'un numéro de TVA français pour les fournitures intracommunautaires.

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