The size series is N/A, what does this mean?

The size series are provided by our suppliers and are without prejudice.

If size series is N/A, this means that our supplier did not provide any size series information.

The most common size series are as follows:

Women shoe size series:

EU36/UK3 EU37/UK4 EU38/UK5 EU39/UK6 EU40/UK7 EU41/UK7.5
1 pair 2 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 2 pairs 1 pair 

Men shoe size series:

EU40/UK6.5 EU41/UK7.5 EU42/UK8 EU43/UK9 EU44/UK9.5 EU45/UK10.5
1 pair 2 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 2 pairs 1 pair 

Please note: Factories take great care to pack the correct size series. However, it is possible that one size is packed more and the other is packed less. We only ship out new cartons, therefore we can't check each carton. A mispacked size serie is NOT eligible for refund or exchange. 


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    Those sizes are ok.

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